Bluff Technique currently offers 4 seminars in our seminar series

  • Bluff Technique AMR Introduction – Is it right for you? An overview of this modality.
  • Bluff Technique Business Practices – Learn the methods of creating a successful business 
  • Bluff Technique Day Refresher – Refresh your AMR Techniques
  • Jimmy Bluff - Achieve your ultimate potential

Seminars can be purchased individually or in a bundle. They range from 1-3 days in length.


Introduction to AMR

This is where it all begins… an overview. This 1 day introductory course is designed to provide therapists an overview of the AMR technique. What is it? How does it work? How can I get certified? AMR takes strength, focus and accuracy to properly administer. Certified instructors will discuss the demands and benefits of AMR and how it can greatly increase your new or existing practice. As well as open Q&A with attendees.


Bluff Technique Business Practices

Being a certified massage therapist means you are now a business owner. Owning a business and being successful at it is completely up to you. Bluff Technique takes pride in it’s business development and it’s proven success. We will take you from business structure to marketing and everything in between. Learn the systems, habits and attitude that will ensure your success.


Bluff Technique AMR Refresher

Sometimes we all need a reminder, a refresher, starting from the basics to the most advanced techniques, we’ll cover them all and discuss our latest successes in our never ending pursuit to heal the world. This seminar is only available to existing certified Bluff Technique Practitioners and Locations.


Achieve your ultimate potential

Unleash your gift of ultimate potential and live each day with peak performance, both personally and professionally. We all have this gift within us, but many don’t know it or can’t find it. Let Jimmy Bluff, founder of Bluff Technique and AMR, expose this gift and begin living your life to it’s fullest potential.