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Bluff Technique, Advanced Muscle Reconstruction (AMR) is a technique developed by Jimmy Bluff. AMR is achieving amazing results for ordinary people in pain, people suffering from chronic debilitating range of motion, and athletes who have endured serious injury. It’s been used on children, geriatric clients, US military soldiers, 911 firemen, celebrities, musicians, professional speakers, motivational mentors, professional athletes in the MLB, NBA, NFL, MLS, PBA, professional bodybuilders and physique competitors.

By applying direct pressure to the muscles and the sticky connective tissue linings of the muscle bodies, AMR can cause a tremendous increase in blood flow to and through that area. By further working this connective tissue along the seams where different muscles are connected to one another, the practitioner can break small and large adhesions that prevent the muscle from achieving a greater range of motion and flexibility.

The tremendous force that is applied does not hurt, nevertheless it is able to move muscle and connective tissue in ways that it has not been moved, thereby causing a dramatic shift in the tissue. This shift triggers the release of built up toxins, as well as a huge increase in blood flow to the area, which provides oxygen that has been deprived due to lack of circulation.

This technique has been used on

  • Everyday individuals to deal with chronic pain, correct misalignment, improve recovery and increase range of motion in stiff joints.
  • Professional athletes to dramatically improve recovery times, increase range of motion and provide better performance.
  • Bodybuilders to expand the size of muscle groups by increasing the circulation to the entire muscle belly, allowing for a dramatically improved flex and a better pump and improve body symmetry.
  • Military soldiers to deal with chronic pain and discontinue their dependance on pain medication, and allow flexibility where physical therapy could not.

Bluff Technique is based out of Beverly Hills, California.  

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